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Testimonies - The Scripture Meditation Cards

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"My back was hurting so badly that I couldn't get comfortable. I was miserable whether I sat or stood or laid down. I didn't know what to do. Suddenly, I thought of the Scripture cards on healing that my husband had purchased. I decided to meditate on the Scripture in these cards. I was only on the second card when, all of a sudden, I felt heat go from my neck down through my body. The Lord had healed me. I never knew it could happen so fast. The pain has not come back.” (Idaho)

“My wife and I use your Scripture Cards every day when we pray. I read the card for that day in English and then my wife repeats it in Norwegian. We then pray based upon the Scripture reference on that day’s card. These cards have been very beneficial to us. We would like to see the Scripture Cards published in the Norwegian language.” (Norway)

“I can’t tell you how much you both have meant to me. From your first book, Trust God For Your Finances, to your most current book you have been a blessing to me. I hand out Scripture reference cards like candy. I always carry a pack with me. Thanks very much for your service to the body of Christ and your outreach to the lost.” (California)

"I was recently involved in an automobile accident that was so severe that my car spun 360 degrees. While this was happening, I was amazed at how calm I was because I had just been meditating on one of the cards from Freedom From Worry and Fear with the Scripture reference, 'Fear not, I am with you always.' I wasn't afraid. I knew the Lord was with me.” (Haiti)

"I am very enthusiastic about your Scripture cards and your tapes titled, Receive Healing From The Lord. I love your tape. The clarity of your voice, your sincerity and compassion will encourage sick people. They can listen to this tape throughout the day, before they go to sleep at night, while they are driving to the doctor's office, in the hospital, etc. The tape is filled with Scripture and many good comments on Scripture. This cassette tape and your Scripture cards on healing are powerful tools that will help many sick people." (Tennessee)

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