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Testimonies - The Tapes

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"I am 81 years old and I love Jesus was all my heart. I have prostrate cancer and I receive radiation treatments. I love the tape Receive Healing from the Lord. I played it so much that the tape broke. Please send me another one."

"My friend dealing with breast cancer ended up in the hospital for a week to have her lung area drained of fluid. The healing cards and tapes are a blessing to her. Jack's soothing voice and command of the Scriptures are very powerful. Thank you for holding the Word high." (Maine)

"I took your tape on healing to a man in the hospital who has had a quadruple bypass and multiple heart surgeries. I left this tape with him. When I returned he went on and on about how much this tape has helped him. He said that giving him this tape was the best thing I could have done for him. He wished he could have heard the tape before. He and his roommate really were helped by your tape. This tape is a blessing to many of the sick people I visit." (a pastor in Florida)

"I am very enthusiastic about your tape Receive Healing from the Lord. I love it. The clarity of your voice, your sincerity and compassion will encourage sick people. They can listen to this tape throughout the day, before they go to sleep at night, while they are driving to the doctor's office, in a hospital, etc. The tape is filled with Scripture and many good comments on the Scripture. This cassette tape and your Scripture cards on healing are powerful tools that will help many sick people." (Tennessee)

"I am in the midst of severe problems. You have blessed me so very much with these tapes. I love them. The Word of God is going deep into my spirit. I can hardly wait to put my headset on early each morning to listen to your tapes. God is with you! The words you speak are anointed with a demonstration of the Holy Spirit's power! Thank you for your obedience in studying and meditating on God's holy Word." (Indiana)

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