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Testimonies - From inmates in prisons and jails

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“Nuggets of Faith has transformed my way of thinking. I have let other people here in jail read this book. I was a Christian before I read this book, but reading it gave new meaning to me. It made me cry happy tears. I believe the message will help change new and old Christians alike.” (Florida)

Recently I have been visiting the Pinellas County jail in Clearwater, Florida. I'd like to share the report of an inmate who reads Nuggets of Faith each morning. She is known as the "happy one with a smile." This woman especially holds on to the nugget from the Bible where God tells her that he will never leave her nor forsake her. This was the only book she had for a while. She said it was her lifeline and kept her from getting really depressed. She said she knows God has a plan for her life and that she will serve Him no matter what.

"Nuggets of Faith showed me why it is important to have faith in the Lord. This book showed me that, when we go through the hard times of life, we should keep our faith and keep a positive attitude. People who follow Christ should have a calm inner peace that only God can give us. God has given us all of the things we need. We just need to accept His gift." (Florida)

“God has been pulling at me in recent days to turn away from my worldly ways once and for all and turn to Him for eternal salvation. I was looking for help as to just how I should do this. By chance I happened to come across your book here in the jail, What Will Heaven Be Like?. In Chapter 9 of that book you explained vividly step by step exactly how I should go about doing this. You let me know that it is God Himself Who gives me the urge to change. I am now filled with fire for God that I never had before. Your book has made a big difference in the way I view God’s love for His children. Thank you for being a blessing to me.” (Florida)

"I am learning from God's Will for Your Life. It is a good book. Every time I read about Jesus' crucifixion I get shivers down my back. This book makes a lot of sense. It is easy to understand. Thank you." (Florida)

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