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Testimonies - From inmates in prisons and jails

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“Your books are an easier way to understand the Bible. I really appreciate your giving them to churches to give to others. Your books make it easier to understand. Keep writing and I'll keep reading." (Florida)

"You have filled my heart more and more with the Lord's Word. This is helping me a lot. I hope to continue to keep on reading your books. They are clear and easy to understand. I draw closer to the Lord. Thank you for all you have done for me." (Florida)

"I appreciate you donating your books to help us be better people. I have learned many things from Never, Never Give Up, One Hundred Years from Today, Nuggets of Faith and Conquering Fear. Ever since I came here I have had a hunger to know God. Your books are feeding me spiritually. I want to thank you." (Florida)

“Your book, How to Study the Bible, has been an inspiration to me. This book has kept me on a specific program that has been very effective. My priorities were completely backward. Before I just used to read the Bible. Now I take the time to try to understand the message that is behind the words in the Bible. By doing this I have seen a change in myself. Hopefully with your study methods I will be able to strengthen my relationship with Jesus Christ and with other people. Thank you for this book.” (Florida)

“I found your book, One Hundred Years from Today here in the prison. Thank you for the other books you have sent to me since then. I am very excited. I am enjoying reading God’s Wisdom is Available to You. Sometimes I want to give up. Sometimes my faith wavers. God’s wisdom gives me the strength to bear up with my current situation. I appreciate all that you have done for me with your books.” (New Hampshire)

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